Everett Timberwolves Youth Cheer

Our mission at Everett Timberwolves Youth Cheer is to provide a well-rounded cheerleading program by developing athletes who demonstrate leadership, teamwork, character, and a strong desire for excellence through the 5 main aspects of cheerleading which are; cheers and chants, movement to music, and choreography, motions including jumps and kicks, stunting and tumbling.

2022 Timberwolves Cheer

Everett Timberwolves Youth Cheer is open to ages 5-15 Grades K-8

We offer a full season of sideline cheer in support of our Everett Timberwolves Youth Football teams. Our aim is to see cheerleaders of all skill levels grow in their passion for the sport while gaining strong skills in leadership and a unifying spirit. Through our recreational, community based, the athletic environment we want to help prepare our young athletes for high school cheer and beyond.

Our team breakdowns: (Age is your child's age as of July 31st 2023)

Mini/ (7-6ers) Cheer (ages 5-8)

Our Mini team is designed to introduce the young athlete to all things a student-athlete needs to be successful in sports, with the fun of cheerleading. We will introduce all 5 aspects of cheerleading to set a foundation for a lifelong love of all things cheerleading.

Cubs (89ers) Cheer (ages 8-9)

Our Timberwolf-Cubs team is designed to challenge the budding athlete to learn new skills and enhance skills they may already have. This team will learn and practice age-appropriate skills that cover all 5 aspects of cheerleading to set a foundation for your cheerleader's future in athletics.

JPW  (Junior Pee Wee)  (ages 10-11)

Our Pee Wee or JPW level team will be an overflow team for the JV level, this tends to be our most popular age group so we may add a team where a bulk of our age/grade demands happen to be. Juniors may be age 10 only, and JV could be age 11 only as an example. Registration numbers will dictate the final cut-off for all teams.

JV (Junior Varsity) (ages 10-12)

Our JV team is designed to introduce new and practice existing skills while challenging the budding athlete to be coachable and a good team member. Skills will ramp up at this age, and athletes will be engaged throughout. We will consistently introduce, fine-tune and practice all 5 aspects of cheerleading on this team.

Varsity (ages 12+)

Our Varsity team is designed for the older elementary/middle school athlete who is wanting to learn skills that they can use for Middle school or High School cheerleading, but also includes those new to the sport, and or the serious athlete who may want to move to an Elite or travel cheer team. We will challenge the youth levels in all aspects of cheerleading to be competitive and offer a well-rounded foundation for the next level. Varsity will have a recreational competitive attitude and expectation while remaining fun and engaging for all. This is not a skill-based team, we will gleefully embrace any athlete at their skill level.

Pep Squad (all ages):

Pep Squad is a unique way to support your brother/football player during the football season. The Pep squad will consist of a less serious group of mixed ages (so no age restrictions) of kids who would like to have a uniform and learn some cheers and chants (limited dance choreography, and no stunting and tumbling). Games will be scheduled based on all athletes and siblings’ participation in football. This team does not guarantee your cheerleader will be offered the same game as your football player each week, you will share your schedule with others within the pep squad.

*** No cheer squad can run without parent help! If you would like to coach a squad or know someone who would, please contact us. We may not be able to offer all teams if we don’t have coaches! We will train, no experience necessary! Must be over age 18. ***



The Jamboree is an event that is very important to attend.

Jamboree occurs usually on the last weekend in August.

It is our first opportunity to cheer in uniform for our teams, work out any quirks we have with formations, uniforms, expectations etc. and get the first-game wiggles out!

Other Important Information:

Saturday Game Schedule usually comes out a week before the 1st game so please be patient.

Labor Day weekend and Monday (Labor Day) are days off.

We participate in sideline cheer through the football schedule which consists of 7-8 regular season games. We will have the opportunity to advance to 1 playoff game and 1 championship game along with the teams. We consider the season to consist of up to 10 weekends of games, as part of our schedule, so plan accordingly.


Q: When does registration open?

A: March 1st for returning and March 15th for New Members

Q: What age does my child have to be to participate in Youth Cheer?

A: Timberwolves Cheer is open to ages 5-15.

Q: Does my child need to attend a particular school, or feed a particular high school to participate?

A: No. This program is open to all kids in the community with an interest in cheerleading.

Q: Do only girls cheer?

A: No! We love boys and girls learning cheerleading together. We have uniforms that fit all athletes who want to participate, and we will do our best to make everyone feel welcome!

Q: Will my Child be cheering with kids his or her own age?

A: Kids of similar ages are combined to form each squad, to the best of our ability and based on registration numbers. Squad rosters are compiled based primarily on age, with consideration within age groups of team dynamics and needs. Pep Squad will not have age groupings but be an "open" level.

Q: I have a son playing football. Will my daughter be cheering for his team?

A: We schedule our game days to be able to cheer for as many teams as possible throughout the season and therefore are unable to guarantee that your cheerleader will be cheering for any specific team on game day. The goal of Timberwolves Rec Cheer is to eventually expand our program and grow to have a dedicated squad at each age level, cheering for the same football team each week. If you would like to share in the experience with other families hoping their child will cheer at their football player's games, join Pep Squad. Pep Squad will have first pick of siblings game schedules.

Q: When do practices begin?

A: Practices begin in early August and will be announced when fields schedules are created and secured.

Q: What is the practice schedule?

A: Beginning in August there will be mandatory practices, dates and times TBD. That usually looks something like Monday-Thursday for Regular Youth Cheer (ages 8-14), and Tuesday and Thursday for our Pep Squad. After Labor Day, mandatory practice will shift to twice a week, approximately 2 hours per practice, and Pep Squad may be once a week depending on coaches and team size.

Q: How long does the season run?

A: Our season starts in August and wraps up the second week of November at the end-of-season awards night/banquet.

Q: When are the games?

A: All regular season games are on Saturdays. Due to many variables we aren’t able to provide a set game schedule at the start of the season, but our aim is to notify you of schedules as soon as we have confirmation from the league for game times and field locations. Plan for every Saturday in our season to be filled with Family, fun, football, Cheer, and friends!

Q: Will the kids have the opportunity to continue to a winter session and compete?

A: YES! We will focus on Timberwolves Sideline Cheer throughout the season, and we will add a try-out and create a performance team that will continue after the NJFL season is over. We will showcase the hard work our cheerleaders put into their sideline/fall season at an end of season NJFL Cheer Exhibition for families and friends to attend, and will prepare our competitive team to continue that exhibition experience through February.

Q: I don’t have any cheer experience but I typically make myself available to participate in my kids activities. Do you have a role for me in this program?

A: YES! We love parent participation. This program is built solely on volunteers. We need head coaches, assistant coaches, team moms and dads! We will train and support any adult that is willing to help make this program a success! Don’t be shy, just let us know you'd like to help!

Q. What is the difference between pep squad and traditional recreational cheerleading?

A. Pep squad is designed for the casual commitment to cheer. There will be cheers and chants to learn and an introduction to choreography and other disciplines based on attendance. This squad was designed for the families that want their cheerleader to be able to share the field with their siblings and friends who play football and the schedule will be based on all participants' sibling football games but is open to athletes who play other sports or may be looking for a more drop-in type activity. This team will require parent volunteer hours for supervising games.

Traditional Recreational Cheerleading as it pertains to youth sports will include a well rounded introduction and progression in the broader aspects or disciplines of sideline cheer, which most people associate with school sports. Cheers and Chants will be the same as Pep Squad, but Rec cheer will be introduced to stunting progressions, tumbling progressions, classic cheer half time choreography and then rally practice with kicks and jumps. These teams will be age-based using the state and national grouping guidelines and game schedules will be based around where Pep Squad is and a balance of ensuring all teams have the opportunity to enjoy cheerleaders at their games. As the program grows, we hope to have cheerleaders at all games every weekend!

Register for the team that best suits your scheduling and commitment needs. Please ask questions!

Q: I have already registered my child for another fall sport. Can my daughter still participate in cheer? 

A: The time commitment required to complete the Everett Timberwolves Recreational Youth Cheer season safely and with integrity is not conducive to participation in most other fall sports. For the safety of every member of each squad, Cheerleaders will be expected to attend all practices and Saturday games, which other sport schedules will likely conflict with. In the event you’d like to fit cheer in with another sport, we encourage you to join the Pep Squad and know you may be asked to limit participation for safety reasons. Please always reach out with questions, let's chat.

Q: We have a lot going on, what happens if we miss some practices or games? 

A. Cheerleading specifically requires progression of skills, and formations for routines and stunting, and these skills cannot be skipped over, and formations cannot be altered easily – changes required due to absences for other fall sports, birthday parties and family vacations, become a physical risk to all involved. If you register your child for cheer, it will be expected that she commits fully to this sport and this program for the duration of the season. We may ask you to move to a different team, have your child wait on the side during a particular portion of a game, chant, or routine, or sit out from a stunt if he is not illustrating safe skills. When participants miss games, that puts teammates in a predicament where they are restricted from displaying their hard work, and also practicing what they've learned during the week. We require advanced warning for all scheduled absences so we may adjust skills and formations.

Q: What will my son or daughter be wearing?

A: Traditional and up to date styled cheer uniforms will be provided. This consists of a skirt with briefs or skort, a shell with long sleeved liners or similar modular uniform layers, pom poms, and bows. You will provide cheer shoes, usually all-white and socks. Specific details will be issued each season.

About Our Coaches

Coach Elizabeth, Lizzy, Liz, or better known as Coach Lizard!

I initially joined the Timberwolves as a tumbling coach after Coach Jene caught wind that I had essentially been born and raised in a Gymnastics facility. Between competing and coaching, I have almost 30 years of history & experience in the tumbling and gym world. I have a 5-year-old who is OBSESSED with being a Timberwolf; she puts on her uniform and cheers every night before bed (I am serious when I say, “every night”.) My goal is to create the best growth and learning environment for my daughter and this team while having an absolute blast!  

Even though I am new to the cheer world, I am known for my strong ambition, very loud voice, and positive attitude. I am and forever will be a Timberwolf!